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A statement clutch bag with a hole in it. Made of 100% vegan leather.


You wouldn't expect it, but I designed this bag for practical reasons. The requirements: 

  1. It had to be a clutch, cool enough to wear at a fashion show
  2. It should be capable of hanging on my bike's steering wheel safely (ever been to Amsterdam...?)
  3. I should be able to hold a wine glass in one hand and shaking hands with the other.

Hole Bag – Cloud Grey

€ 190,00Price
  • Material

    100% artificial, vegan leather with a rubbery feel and soft lining.

  • Dimensions

    Width: 37,5 cm

    Height: 28,5 cm

    Depth: 6,5 cm

    The size of the hole is approximately 13 cm.

  • Care Instructions

    Keep away from fire and other heat sources. Wipe clean with a clean cloth and warm water. For stubborn stains, add some mild detergent like dishwasher liquid.

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