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Being educated as a graphic designer, I tried to restrain my love for designing fashion many years. I actually prefer to say ‘wearables’ instead of fashion – the word ‘fashion’ evokes images of mass production and other sides of the fashion world I do not want to engage with. 

What I want, and what made me swap trades all the same, is to design wearable products or pieces of art that are not linked to a particular collection for a particular season of a particular year.

I design, make and sell them as long as you want me to. No surpluses, no unfair labor – only joy.

A walk in the snow with my Fat Scarf in


All items sold on this website are handmade in my atelier at Lapland Amsterdam, a workspace I set up for seven creative entrepreneurs in the cosy eastern part of the city.

If you would like to see and feel my designs in real life before buying, this is the place to go. You can make an appointment via the contact form. Hope to see you soon!

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